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This website is the paradise for all lift & carry fans, including artistic, role-played video and photo productions featuring both Male/Female Lift & Carry and Female/Female Lift & Carry, which cover various L & C poses such as cradle, OTS, piggyback and front Lift etc. All male and female actors on our site are mentally healthy adult from East Asian country. It contains absolutely NO SEX, NUDITY, VIOLENCE and DEATH content. Nevertheless, we still responsively suggest that it is appropriate for only adults to access this site. Before entering, please read all the information as follows.

You must be AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD and possess the ability of identifying the difference between fantasy and reality;The law in your residential country or region permits the people of legal age to view adult images;You may not allow any people under legal age to view this site and also not tell them about the URL of this site;All material on this site is copyrighted and must not be used or distributed in any manner without our permission;Every member should be committed to the security of his/her account and password information. Your membership may be suspended if we find that your account is shared with other people;After having downloaded the video/picture files from member area(s), please save and store them at your end properly. The Privacy and Statement sections on this site are also part of the Agreement, so please read both of them as well;The owner of retains the right to final explanation for the terms contained in the above Agreement.We don’t offer retrieval service for any videos/pictures which have been offline.We cannot assure that there are no risky poses shown up in our videos/pictures, therefore please do not imitate. We won’t take any responsibility for any problems caused if you insist doing so.The videos on this site are in MP4, WMV, MPEG1 and RMVB formats. Please make sure your computer can play videos in the formats aforementioned.
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